Link Roundup: Frank Frank’s Elbow and the Bourn Reaction

The Mets couldn't elbow their way in on Michael Bourn.

The Mets couldn’t elbow their way in on Michael Bourn.

Michael Bourn is an Indian, the Mets still have their 11th overall pick, and Mets fans are reacting.  Many are unhappy that Alderson didn’t sacrifice the pick to make a move that would have signaled New York’s return to the baseball business.  Besides, the only decent player to come out of the 11th overall spot of the Rule 4 draft has been Greg Luzinski (.840 career OPS), so sayeth Deadspin.

But wait a minute – according to this list, players like Andrew McCutchen, Shane Mack, Walt Weiss, and Max Scherzer were once drafted 11th overall.  Last time I checked, these were pretty good ballplayers.  So it’s not like the Mets are automatically going to draft the next Kaz Matsui, right?  Doesn’t picking 11th mean you’re picking the 11th best available amateur ballplayer int he country?

My point is, there’s no guarantee that that slot will be a total black hole, just as there’s no guarantee that it will produce a superstar.

In any event, Bourn clearly would have been an upgrade, but he still wouldn’t have made the Mets better than the Nats and Braves.  Sour grapes?  Maybe.  But the fact remains.

OK, this was supposed to be a link roundup, so here’s more reaction from Twitter.

Now that Bourn is off the market, does that mean the Drew Stubbs watch is on?

In other news, Frank Francisco has been shut down due to elbow inflamation.  How will we ever replace that 5.53 ERA??

Johan Santana spoke to the media this morning in Port St. Lucie and gave his thoughts on R.A. Dickey and whether he has any regrets about the 134-pitch no-hitter.

Finally, Mike Piazza apparently didn’t talk to the media after his book signing, which left the poor little buggers feeling snubbed.

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  1. Izzy February 12, 2013 at 5:10 pm
    One move doesn’t make you a winner. That’s why good GMs make more than one move. Every piece of inaction by Alderson is blown off by someone saying that one move won’t make the Mets a winner. He never has to make a move. What a lucky guy! Free from criticism for eternity.
    • mike B February 12, 2013 at 7:11 pm
      Amen….This is the biggest problem with the mets, they cant rub their tummy and pat their head at the same time. They might as well try to trade David Wright for a first round pick too what is the sense of having him on this team, then they can really sell us on the 2016 New York Mess.
      • Dan B February 14, 2013 at 10:39 am
        For the record, based on how the Mets structured Wright’s contract, the Met’s financial situation, and the potential for a bad 2013 season, I am on record as predicting the Mets will look into trading him next offseason. They will float the “we need prospects” line and make a decision based on fan backlash.
  2. Steve February 13, 2013 at 6:26 pm
    I was also wondering if the Mets were going to be the ones that ultimately wound up with Bourn, but I’m glad they side-stepped it. Yes, he might still be productive in 3-4 years when the team is ready to compete, but there should be alternative free agents on the market then that will make more sense. I’d like to look at the potential of him having signed with the Mets from an economic standpoint (I write for http;// and if he would have actually provided any increased attendance figures or the sort.
    All that said, it’s kind of amazing that the Mets spent effectively $0 this offseason on free agents…that’s a lot of self-discipline to not give-in to the desire to quickly make your team marginally better. Interested to see where they’ll end up in a few years.
    • Dan B February 14, 2013 at 10:57 am
      From an economic point of view, you must of seen the opportunity for the Mets,if they got to keep their draft pick, to buy a commodity cheaper then most other teams (just compare Bourn’s contract with Pagan’s). A year later Bourne then could be traded for prospects. Also, as Alderson himself stated when he was hired, there is an advantage to addng one significant free agent per year. Not only does it inject excitement but it also sets up a system where you add a new player while you have a high paid player end his contract every year. Add a budget that accomidates for one overpaid player. Mingle in with a healthy and well invested farm system. Or you can not invest in any free agents on any level and cut corners on the farm system like the current Mets system.
    • Mike B February 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm
      Steve, who are these sure thing alternative FA’s you speak of. Jacoby Ellsbury??? Who by the way will just as old as bourn is at signing time and has missed two of the last 3 years because of injury. Isnt that why we let the best SS in baseball walk away without even an offer?

      I could care less about the Mets attendence, but it will go up if they win and you do you know what would help this team win?? A CF and a leadoff hitter that would make one other roster in MLB.

    • Joe Janish February 15, 2013 at 12:31 am
      I say “to-May-toe,” you say “to-MAH-toe,”

      You say “self-discipline,” I say “cheap f*&%ing b%stards.”

      Let’s call the whole thing off!