Comings and Goings

Derrick Turnbow has been DFA’d by the Brewers after posting a 15.36 ERA through his first 8 games. He’s exactly the type of power arm that Omar Minaya loves, but I doubt highly we’ll see him in the orange blue — partially because if he has anything left, he’s likely to get picked up by someone else before the Mets (i.e., Phillies, Braves, Nats, Reds, etc.) and also because there’s no room on the Mets’ 25-man roster for him. I suppose the Mets could DFA Jorge Sosa, but don’t we need that spot for Matt Wise? Also, kind of strange that Turnbow — one of the first pro players to get busted for steroid use — has seen his performance go down parallel with MLB’s crackdown on PEDs.

Matt Morris has retired. At least that eliminates him from any trade rumors. On a personal note, I’m kind of sad to see Morris retire, as he’s a class act and one of the few people left in MLB who I played against (Seton Hall U.). Makes me feel kind of old (oh that’s right, I AM kind of old).

Chad Cordero has been placed on the DL with a tear in the right latissimus dorsi muscle. I think he’ll be out for more than 15 days.

Greg Aquino was outrighted to AAA by the Orioles. He could refuse and become a free agent, but he hasn’t done much at all since temporarily closing for the D’backs back in 2004.

Matt Murton has been sent back down to AAA with the activation of Alfonso Soriano. Wish the Mets had a RH bat like that hanging around.

Jose Capellan has been DFA’d by the Rockies. I think he’s been the property of every team in MLB in the last four months, except for the Mets. Another guy who throws hard but has no idea where the ball is going.

Sean Henn has been DFA’d by the Yankees, but he’s coming off an injury and likely will return to their organization.

John Smoltz and Mike Hampton are both out. Smoltz might return to the Braves in the closer role. I’d be OK with that.

Jason Botts has been DFA’d. We’ve already been over this one.

Ray King
refused a minor league assignment and is now a free agent. After seeing him roll around the DC infield last week, and looking more like a hot dog salesman than an MLB pitcher, I think it’s safe to say the Mets will pass. But who knows?

Nomar Garciaparra has been put on the DL, so the Mets won’t be seeing him when they play LA.

Dan Johnson and Mike DiFelice have been outrighted to AAA by the Rays. I believe they can refuse assignment, but it looks like they’re both reporting.

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  1. isuzudude May 2, 2008 at 1:12 pm
    Another big strike against Turnbow is that he’s owed $3.2-million by the team that were to claim him on waivers. Is that worth having another potential Guillermo Mota/Jorge Julio/Mel Rojas situation? He has upside, but at the current risk and price, I’d pass.

    Speaking of power arms, I am very glad the Mets will not be facing Arizona’s Max Scherzer in their upcoming series. This kid is going to be awesome, and if he’s only half the pitcher he’s projected to be it still makes the D’backs starting rotation the best in the majors, with Haren, Webb, Owings, Doug Davis, and Randy Johnson all in the mix as well.

    I’m also surprised there hasn’t been any news on who is getting dropped to add Matt Wise to the roster. The optimist in me says Sosa…the pessimist says Smith.

  2. sincekindergarten May 3, 2008 at 5:52 am
    ID, the Phillthies get to face Scherzer.
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