Filling the Holes

Carlos Delgado is out for at least two months, Jose Reyes is “day to day”, Alex Cora is out indefinitely, J.J. Putz may or may not have a chronic elbow issue, and Brian Schneider (yes, he’s still officially a Met) is hanging out with Oliver Perez in Port St. Lucie — and neither have a timetable for return.

Did I miss anyone?

Naturally, the question is, are the Mets serious about inserting Ramon Martinez in the sixth spot in the order on a daily basis, or will there be changes made to the current roster?
Over at NY Sports Dog, Dave Singer suggested that the Mets flip Martinez for Argenis Reyes and work a deal for both Mark DeRosa and Kelly Shoppach. Several blogs are wondering about a promotion for Fernando Martinez, who is suddenly lighting up the International League. Some rumors have the Mets talking to the Nationals about Nick Johnson. Afternoon talk radio is suggesting tons of other possibilities. (Hat tip to MetsToday reader Micalpalyn for pointing out many of these links.)

What will the Mets ultimately do? Most likely, nothing.

Unless Reyes is out for an extended period — meaning, several weeks — I doubt we’ll see any big-name players come to the Mets. And we hopefully quelled the fear that Reyes is THAT hurt. Someone like Mark DeRosa would be great, but I don’t see the Mets handing over the package necessary to obtain him. The pie-in-the-sky suggestion by Singer that the Indians might consider Jon Niese, Omir Santos, and Eddie Kunz for DeRosa AND Shoppach is a pipe dream (sorry, Dave) — those players might not be enough for DeRosa by himself. Similarly, I doubt the Mets are going to go nutty and obtain someone over the top like Matt Holliday, as many fans have hoped. The organization simply can’t afford to trade away any more of their major prospects, and I don’t know that they’re ready to ship off Ryan Church, Bobby Parnell, or J.J. Putz, the only men on the 25-man who immediately come to mind as legitimate trade bait.

The Mets might be able to pick up Nick Johnson, but not until the Nats’ asking price (Manny Delcarmen from the Bosox?) drops considerably. And before they get that desperate, let’s see what “first baseman of the future” Danny Murphy can do, huh?

As for Ramon Martinez, I’m not too confident in his ability to replace Reyes over a two-week period, if that becomes necessary. But I’m not sure I like the other in-house options any better (Argenis Reyes, Jose Coronado, Jonathan Malo).

Reese Havens is hitting only .240 for Port St. Lucie  but has 16 extra-base hits in 146 ABs

Reese Havens is hitting only .240 for Port St. Lucie but has 16 extra-base hits in 146 ABs

If they’re not going to keep Martinez around, and not going to sign free-agent utilityman Alex Cintron, I say go for broke and give Reese Havens a one-week audition — especially if you think you’d be happy with Mark DeRosa filling in at short. Havens right now is considered a decent hitter with power but the jury is out on his defense. In other words, a young version of DeRosa. Crazy? Maybe. But a small-market team would consider such a move. The big-market Mets, though, likely won’t.

As for Fernando Martinez, I’m not sure it makes sense to promote him now — where would he play? I suppose he could play some left field while Gary Sheffield is at DH during interleague play, but isn’t that a slap in the face to Jeremy Reed, who is hitting very well and playing excellent outfield defense? F-Mart is getting close to forcing the issue, but he’s not there yet. And the Mets aren’t desperate to add yet another outfielder to the mix — Jerry Manuel already has too many options to juggle. If F-Mart hit from the right side, and/or played 1B, I might think differently. Let him continue to build his confidence. When he’s dominating AAA, then promote him. There’s a difference between a hot streak and domination.

Another name that comes to mind as a good fit is Damion Easley, as suggested at MetsFever. But he’s one of “Willie’s guys”, so don’t expect that phone call to be made — no matter how much sense it makes.

And speaking of ex-Mets, where the heck is Jose Valentin? Wouldn’t right now be a perfect time for him to show up?

Post your ideas below …

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  1. Eli From Brooklyn May 22, 2009 at 7:45 pm
    there ya go!
  2. mic May 22, 2009 at 10:56 pm
    Thanks Joe:

    Couple of tweets- Now Church has out part timed his hammy. Tho I feel Church is viewed at this point as a part timer. Also I think J-reed is role player….plus if F-mart is hot and healthy NOW…why not try him as a spark ? If we wait till he’s cold (ala Nick Evans…) what good will that do. What gets me is that on a team with Evans…(no longer) cancel, Lamb, Malo et al F-Mart IS the offense.

    – On that note Duda is primed for a promo to AAA.

    – On Valentin…Oh there IS a Valentin at AAA a !B/C at that…

    – Bullpen: Fernando Nieve?

  3. joe May 22, 2009 at 11:53 pm
    Why promote F-Mart when you have Angel Pagan?


    Yeah Jose’s brother Javier is in Buffalo. I’m trying to hunt down Jose but can’t find him. He was a pretty damn good shortstop for Chicago (under Jerry Manuel!) and Milwaukee. He can’t be any worse than Ramon Martinez.

    Why make any changes to the bullpen? Manuel already can’t find innings for Brian Stokes. And Sean Green = Guillermo Mota, in that, the Mets are stuck with him on the 25-man roster for the duration.

  4. Eli From Brooklyn May 23, 2009 at 10:38 pm
    Joe wrote “He (Jose Valentin) can’t be any worse than Ramon Martinez.”

    After the Mets 3-2 victory tonight and Ramon’s spectacular play (with another nice scoop earlier in the game) – I demand you take back those words.

    Even if they may be true.

    And according to, they wrote on March 31st, that “Valentin is expected to join the Mets as a minor league coach at some point, but he may decide to take a few months away from baseball.”

    There’s your answer.

  5. mic May 25, 2009 at 12:35 pm
    Eli: Good deal- J. Valentin has long been rumred to have a coaching job in the org….interesting too is Julio Franco is already employed by the Mets as a coach…(look out razor).

    Personally i think Javier could soon join the bench, but Murph is doing VERY well defensively at 1st…i think i compared Murph to Greg Jeffries like 3 weeks ago…fitting if Murph can hold down 1st base.

    – Joe: Reed is a keeper (at least until July 31st). But Church is gone. Metstradamus has already posted on the subject.

    Bottomline. F-mart is here. The only obstacle thing is the Omar-factor- if they wait till june, they save an option….but as others have pointed out he would have been up last Sept but for injury. PLUS as you point out Pagan is insurance.

    -Injury bug: I dont reallyknow what is up with Reyes. Why does this-day-by-day tendenitis take 3 weeks? Heck…use the DL thats what its for!! No space on the 40man..put Wags on the 60day DL. BUT i think Ruben Tejada…hitting .250 as a 19yr old at AA.BTW…(yes Reyes is a franchise player, but) isnt he a FA after 2010?

    – Mic’s logic: As many have written; Del has a hip issue. Sure he has been an MVP caliber player but his injury coupled with pending FA, cost and deterioration means…..start looking to life after Del. I contend that replacing Cora with Derosa does not make sense, because you trade away pieces for a player who plays in Cora’s ROLE. We pointed out Cintron, there is also Cairo. As such i like Tejada if Reyes is out a long time, but IF del comes back. i can only see Murph demoted as the OF experiment is over.

    -Ken Davidoff also says the Mets MUST upgrade the rotation. He has the Phils going after Oswalt among others. I agree but i dont think the Mets need another ace…rather its essential Ollie gets back, (ala Brett Myers), but i think a Ricky Nolasco could be a great 4th/5th starter. Church for Nolasco?) PS – Luria is antsy.

    Also Kudo’s again to Davidoff by putting (media) pressure on Omar. My feeling is Omar has several players including Church, Schneider, Maine, even Putz that he is showcasing and could trade now or later: