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Matt Cerrone of MetsBlogMatt Cerrone is going big time!

Our #1 source for Mets news — — is taking on talk radio … well, sort of.

You won’t find the MetsBlog radio show anywhere on your AM dial — nor FM, XM, or Sirius, for that matter. Rather, you can listen in on, which is something of an internet radio channel, but specifically for blogs.

Matt Cerrone has been testing the platform for a couple weeks now, and is about to execute a show that has a legitimate, “big league” lineup. His guests tonight include Buster Olney from, Gary Cohen from SNY, and Brian Moritz of the Press & Sun Bulletin.

If you are a transplanted Mets fan, and don’t have XM, this is a landmark event. You now have a chance to listen to Mets chatter for a full hour, as well as try to call in — just like “regular” talk radio.

Further, if you are a Mets fan living in the Tri-state Area, there’s finally a legitimate, passionate alternative to choosing between Fat Mike and the Yap Dog or the Michael Kay Show — and you can listen to the show anytime you want.

Not sure about you, but for me, this is a major breakthrough. It is astonishing that “the official radio station of the New York Mets” employs two ignorant, obnoxious, Mets-hating personalities for their signature afternoon show. It’s the “Mets Station”, yet Mets fans have to listen to the maniacal barking of a San Francisco Giants fan and a Yankee fan who once said “They keep talking about David Wright. I don’t even know who David Wright is.”

Isn’t is shameful that the best NY Mets radio coverage comes from Yankee announcer Michael Kay?

This is exactly the reason that platforms such as BlogTalkRadio will succeed, and run over radio the same way blogs are killing newspapers — because the choice is now in the hands of the people, rather than some ignorant executives who can’t see beyond the Arbitron ratings.

If WFAN won’t fire Francesa and Russo, then the listeners will fire WFAN.

If you can, tune in to MetsBlog on TalkRadio tonight at 6:00 PM, and call in at 718-664-6795 to voice your support and talk Mets baseball. If you can’t tune in at 6pm tonight — no problem! You can visit the same link anytime after that to download the show and listen on your PC, iPod, etc. — at YOUR convenience (another thing I love about this platform).

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