Billy Wagner Signs with Braves

According to multiple sources (originally Ken Rosenthal), former Mets closer Billy Wagner has signed a one-year, $7M contract with the Atlanta Braves.

Yee ha. Can’t wait to see Wags 18 times a year.

Hat tip to MetsToday reader “Walnutz15”, who is quite perturbed. Says Walnutz:

So, as we figured from the start — the Mets made their typical salary dump trade at the deadline…..acquiring Chris Carter; who could be a clone of a handful of players they currently have (some promise with the stick; no defensive position).

Meanwhile, the Red Sox take a “risk”; offer him the arbitration after the season — knowing he’d have no chance to close in Boston — and now receive the Braves’ 1st round pick and a sandwich pick in the next season’s draft.

Chris Carter and Eddie Lora + $3 or so million to waste away on Alex Cora?

Just defines this mess of a franchise……….they’d rather overpay old, banged-up scrap-heap friends of the program – than invest in the MLB Draft.

Have to say I’m with Walnutz on this one. Though Carter arrived as the most polished hitter in the Mets’ farm system, there are doubts he has enough ability to rise above his status as a “AAAA” hitter. Lora is highly projectable. Do Carter and Lora equal two first round picks? More to the point, is the Mets’ system more desperate for players like Carter and Lora or two picks? That one is arguable, depending upon your perspective. I’m in the camp that believes the Mets need to build more for 2015 than 2010, so I’d lean toward the picks. But, you never know — Chris Carter could turn out to be the next Travis Hafner, and/or Lora may develop into something better than the Mets can draft in June 2010.

But, I’m also reacting with more emotion than logic. It is annoying that Wagner stayed in the NL East, and we’ll constantly be reminded of the trade if Carter doesn’t pan out. I might feel differently if Wags went to the AL — after all, the Mets may not have been smart enough to make the most of those draft picks anyway.

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  1. Walnutz15 December 2, 2009 at 10:36 am
    Thank you for being kind, and describing me as “perturbed” — some might mistake this for random bitching.

    From the start, this situation was quite predictable….I remember going over this in mid-August on here, and over on my other daily-haunt.

    The Mets being “played like a fiddle”, is putting this nicely.

    The trends have been more than disturbing…..spending less on the 2009 draft than any other organization in MLB.

    Nickle and diming our way to less than mediocrity & overspending on garbage — yet, putting the stop to great values on a depressed market last winter.

    Key Joke from last year?

    Mets being interested in Bobby Abreu, but that it’d “have to be a 1-year commitment for less than $4MM”……what happens this winter?

    We commit $2MM, and possibly 2 years to Alex Cora… MVP candidate must accept a contract similar to what they pay a back-up infielder?

    These guys seriously are delusional.

    The positive from trading Billy Wagner in August? Saving about $3.5MM — we definitely took back lesser prospects than if they paid his deal off.

    What we did with the savings? Pissed it away on a deal for Cora.

    Good job, boys.

    Can’t wait until Elmer Dessens, Henry Blanco, and Fernando Tatis are “locked up”…..wooo, doggie!

  2. Harry Chiti December 2, 2009 at 12:55 pm
    The good news however, is that if there’s a close race in Spetember, you can count on Biully the choke to blow the big game. He’s done it in 3 NL cities already, so why not 4.
  3. mic December 2, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    1. Yes, The mets SHOULD be getting another draft pick. The trade off BW was one of the worst of all times because for 30 days of salary relief they give up a 1st rnd pick…BUT

    2. The Braves have outdone us…they spend SEVEN MIL on a guy with a recently reconstructed arm to be their 9th inning guy for 1 yr…they day after non-tenders. I dont think BW was the toast of the FA market. Better they had signed Putz (2Mill)

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  5. Walnutz15 August 6, 2010 at 12:18 pm
    P.S. – A moment of silence, please….Eddie Lora hath retired.

    You can’t make this crap up. LOL

    This trade was, and always will be, about saving $3MM…..and of course, The Wilpons being seen as “nice men” in the eyes of people who work for them.

    Please sell.