The Mafia’s Team?

While some ignoramuses accuse Omar Minaya of favoring latino ballplayers (no, we’re not going there, not ever), MopUpDuty wonders if J.P. Ricciardi’s reign with the Toronto Blue Jays was focused on building an all-Italian team

Metsgrrl reveals the results of her in-depth survey researching why Mets fans are not renewing their ticket plans.

On a related subject, Dan Twohig at MetsPolice received an answer from the Mets regarding his letter to Fred Wilpon

24 Hours from Suicide asks Omar Minaya not to “jump the gun” on Bengie Molina, noting the availability of Dioner Navarro

In contrast, Ed at MetsFever makes clear he’s in support of Bengie Molina

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  1. gary s. December 11, 2009 at 12:09 pm
    joe, thanks for the links to the season ticket shakedown the wilpons are putting on the fans after a 70 win season.the wilnots are even more clueless than i thought.with these guys in charge, my team has to play with one one hand tied behind its back.i highly recommend all the posters to read the links on metsgirl and mets’s eye opening and sad at the same time.My kingdom for a buyer to get rid of the wilnots once and for all..
  2. Timo December 11, 2009 at 4:51 pm
    “I definitely have a better idea of where it’s going,” Minaya said of the market. “But what I do sense is that patience is going to be the [thing] that’s going to lead going forward.”
    So patience is what Minaya continues to ask from his fans.
    “All I can tell Mets fans is that in the past, every year that I’ve been here, we’ve gone after players,” he said. “If there was a player out there that we felt was a need, every year I think we’ve done the best we can to address those needs. And we’re going to continue to do that.”

    I’VE BEEN PATIENT MY WHOLE METS FAN CAREER. Now, we have a chance to improve our team and we get this? The Wilpon’s are definitely pulling Minaya’s strings. Sound familiar? I don’t know how long i can be “patient” with the Wilpons!

  3. isuzudude December 11, 2009 at 5:11 pm
    I sympathize with you, Timo, but be careful of unjustified criticism. Remember, due to the Mets’ patience 2 years ago Omar was able to land Johan Santana from Minnesota. So perhaps practicing some more patience will once again lead to big dividends.

    And would you really call your time spent as a Met fan a “career?” If so, how do I get in that line of work?