Mets Game 53: Loss to Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks 5 B-Mets 1

Mets pitcher John Maine allows a homerun to Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Chris SnyderPoor John Maine threw a fine ballgame, but had a AA-level offense supporting him.

Maine threw six strong innings, allowing five hits, two runs, and no walks while striking out seven over 103 pitches, 68 for strikes. He made one mistake in the ballgame: a meatball to catcher Chris Snyder — a guy who is barely hitting his weight — that was inexplicably deflected into the bleachers.

Who is Chris Snyder? Think of a young Mike DiFelice, or Sal Fasano. In other words, not a guy who should be belting a two-run homer off of John Maine. But that blow sealed the game for the D’backs, who rode behind the spectacular pitching of Brandon Webb to win the game.

Although, it wasn’t like Webb was facing Murderer’s Row. With Carlos Beltran out, and Shawn Green and Moises Alou still on the DL, the Mets outfield was comprised of David Newhan, Endy Chavez, and Ben Johnson. To make matters worse, Willie Randolph thought it a fine time to rest David Wright — apparently he forgot that Beltran would not be playing. The resulting starting lineup looked more like the Binghamton Mets than the one from Flushing, and was picked apart easily by Webb’s array of sinkers and change-ups.

The Mets offense never got anything started; the first time their leadoff man reached base was the ninth inning, when Endy Chavez walked. Guess what, folks: if you can’t get the first batter on base in any inning, and you have few homerun hitters in the lineup, it’s going to be REALLY hard to score runs. That the Mets scratched out one run — on a pinch-hit single by Ruben Gotay in the eighth — was something of a miracle.

Though Julio Franco made some nice plays at third base, worked a walk, and stole a base, it’s confounding that this would be the night David Wright was given a rest, considering that Beltran would be sitting. As soon as the lineup was announced — with Damion Easley batting third — it was assumed that Willie Randolph had planned this to be a “giveaway game” to the Arizona ace. It was like, “ah, heck, Webb is great, we’ve got guys licking their wounds, let’s just put all the bench guys out there and cross our fingers.”

Hopefully, the NL East will be decided by more than one game; otherwise, this will be one of the contests we’ll look back on and say, “what was Willie thinking?”


David Newhan is becoming less and less useful to this ballclub. It’s apparent that he is not much of a pinch-hitter, and he can’t get his stroke going with one start per month (who can?). The whole point of having Newhan around was that he was versatile, fast, and could get the bat on the ball. Well, let’s see … he hasn’t played anywhere other than two starts in leftfield, he hasn’t been on the bases enough to utilize his speed, and not only does he swing and miss too often, but he can’t even get bunts down. So why haven’t we cut him and signed Todd Walker yet?

Look, I like Newhan’s scrappy play and personality and speed and versatility and blah blah blah, but if Willie isn’t going to make use of all these positives — if he’s going to use him strictly as an early pinch-hitter and a blue moon starter — then what’s the point? You may as well carry a Todd Walker or a Ruben Sierra instead.

Since Newhan rarely gets starts, I understood why he started in leftfield. However, with so many bats absent from the lineup, I might have put Easley out there and started Gotay at second to get a little more pop. But then, Randolph is of the assumption that Newhan can hit and Gotay can’t.

Guillermo Mota was dominating until allowing a three-run homer to Stephen Drew in the eighth. He may have simply been tired — either mentally or physically. His fastball had good velocity and good movement, and his changeup was pretty nasty.

The Braves picked up a game on the Mets by beating the Cubs in a game that featured dugout fisticuffs between pitcher Carlos Zambrano and catcher Michael Barrett.

Next Game

Jorge Sosa matches up against Livan Hernandez in a 1:10 PM start. Let’s hope that slider of Sosa’s is working. More importantly, let’s hope the Mets can muster more than a few hits against Hernandez.

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  1. sincekindergarten June 2, 2007 at 5:19 am
    I’m not too sure that anyone could have gotten much started against Webb and the D’Backs last night. Yeah, they were 3-15 against the Mets in their last 18 games, but the D’Bags had won their last seven. Webb’s sinker was pretty nasty, too.
  2. joe June 2, 2007 at 12:00 pm
    Webb was definitely on his game, but what bothers me is that the Mets couldn’t scratch out one or two runs before it was too late. Without their sluggers in the lineup, the plan was to take pitches, bunt, steal, scratch, claw — do whatever necessary to get a run home. David Newhan, if he can’t do anything other than swing and miss or ground out to first, needs to get in the way of a pitch. As already mentioned, you can’t win if you can’t get a leadoff man on base all game. Somehow, some way, you’ve got to find a way.
  3. scottm June 2, 2007 at 1:48 pm
    1st David Wright was hurt last night not being rested. 2nd if Franco makes the routine play in the 8th for the third out the game is still 2-0. Last
    get off Newhan’s back he’s the 25th guy on the team and the 3rd string catcher every team needs a guy like this. I also wish he would hit a bit more, but he can play almost any position on the field and in the NL you need this kind of guy. Oh btw Sierra can’t play any position in the field and Walker
    was released because he can’t hit any more is a lousy 2nd baseman and has no speed.
  4. sincekindergarten June 2, 2007 at 2:15 pm
    In any event, Newhan has an RBI today (it was the go-ahead RBI, on a single), Johnson has an RBI on a sac fly, and Delgado crushed one. Sosa pitched well, too.
  5. joe June 2, 2007 at 3:42 pm
    scottm, I take the thing back about D-Wright — i didn’t know he had back spasms.

    2nd – Franco’s play had nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

    3rd – I’m not on Newhan’s back so much as I’m on Willie for the way he’s using him. I agree, it’s good to have a guy like Newhan because he can play every position. But as stated in the article, Randolph has NEVER used Newhan anywhere other than leftfield and as a pinch-hitter. We’re nearly 1/3 into the season, and have yet to make use of his versatility. If his strengths are not going to be utilized, then it makes more sense to replace him with someone whose strength is hitting and/or occasional outfield play.

    4th – i agree with your assessment of Sierra — but that’s my whole point. Newhan’s role is to pinch hit and then sit on the bench. Sierra can do that.

    5th – you are completely off-base in regard to Walker. He was hitting over .270 when he was released, and hit .280 last year. He can still hit. And if you think he’s a lousy second baseman, I’d like to point you to the current starter there, Mr. Easley, who makes Walker look like a Gold Glover.