Nick Evans Fans May Get Their Wish

You know the old adage “be careful what you wish for” ?

In the case of the Nick Evans Fan Club — an underground, but rapidly growing movement — we may get our wish of seeing Evans on the Mets’ 25-man roster come Opening Day, but the reason why may not be so pleasant.

I say “we” because I’m a member of the NEFC, and have been since Nick made his MLB debut in 2008 — voicing my support for him on many occasions.

This year is no different; I continue to support Evans and hope the 25-year-old makes the big club in April. However, if he does, it may be because Carlos Beltran doesn’t.

The latest news is that Carlos Beltran has “a little tendinitis” in his left knee — a problem significant enough to shut him down for five days. Think about that: he was a DH for one game, ran around the bases once, and now needs a week off. Mind you, this is his GOOD knee.

Beltran and Terry Collins and anyone else from the Mets can blow all the smoke up our you-know-what’s they want, but we’ve been through this spin doctored template before. If Beltran can’t even DH now, how is he going to play the field three weeks from now? It ain’t happening, and it would be irresponsible to force the issue. Unless something miraculous occurs in the next two weeks, Beltran most likely will stay in Port St. Lucie when April rolls around, and continue to get himself into shape during “extended spring training”. In that case, the Mets will have an opening in the outfield — which means there is room for Nick Evans.

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