Jerry Grote Speaks About Catching

During my time at Citi Field yesterday, I had the chance to speak with former Mets catcher Jerry Grote. A big thrill for me, since he, Thurman Munson, John Stearns, and Johnny Bench were the four men who inspired me to play baseball and play the catching position during my childhood. My “interview” with Grote was a complete surprise — I had no idea he would be at the park nor that I’d have the opportunity to speak with him — so it took me a minute or two to think of a good question.

My first question was (which isn’t on the recording below): “How do you feel about the catching position today compared to 20 or 30 years ago? Are catchers improved, the same, or worse, and why?

My second question, which you should be able to hear, was in regard to the catcher’s role in pitch-calling.

It’s only about two minutes in length, and there’s a bunch of background noise from autograph seekers and other sounds from inside the stadium, so please excuse the informality and unprofessional quality of the recording. Enjoy.

Jerry Grote On Catching


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  1. jrgame April 14, 2011 at 9:52 pm
    Joe, that was a real treat. I think today’s players could learn a lot from Grote. Plus, notice, he always seems to have time for the true fans.