Angel On the Pitching Mound

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may remember a few posts we did a few months ago with kinesiologist Angel Borrelli, who specializes in the biomechanics of the pitching motion.

You might also have been wondering why we haven’t heard from Angel since then. Well, she’s been busy!

For one, she was helping Giants pitcher Barry Zito get back on track. Zito had been on the disabled list since mid-April with a sprained foot. While on the DL, he thought it might be a good use of his time to fix his mechanics — so he re-hired Angel to help him do that (he originally worked with Angel back in 2005). Zito’s been back now for a few weeks, and pitched well in three of his four starts since his return. How much of that is thanks to Angel? Hard to say, as she works only on his motion — not his pitches nor pitch selection. But I would guess that Zito is probably throwing more safely and efficiently now.

Here is an update on Angel Borrelli from a news program local to the Bay-Area:

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  1. NormE July 25, 2011 at 11:59 am
    Great work, Joe.
    MLB should hire her to run clinics for all pitchers and pitching coaches. Bud Selig should use his “best interests of baseball” powers to institute such a program.

    Oh, I forgot, it’s Bud Selig, so this will never happen.