MetsToday Mailbag: Where Does Carlos Torres Fit?

Opening the MetsToday mailbag, here is an email from reader “Mike W.”:

There’s not been a lot of chatter about the bullpen this off season. We hear more about the rotation and in particular the 5th starter spot. One name left out of the conversation has been Carlos Torres who was a nice surprise for us last year. I personally think he is more
valuable out of the pen as a long man to give us 2-3 innings when a starter gives us less than 6 innings. I would want to limit his exposure to keep him effective. What do you expect from him next season?

Mike, thanks for the email.

Agreed that Carlos Torres was a nice surprise for the Mets last season. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how he accomplished what he did — to my eye, he had truly “pedestrian” stuff, throwing one speed across two pitches (fastball and cutter). Maybe his success was due to mystery — in other words, batters weren’t familiar with him, and he didn’t pitch frequently enough for scouting reports to catch up to him. I’m not really sure, but he was doing something right.

One area of his game improved dramatically in 2013: his ability to throw strikes. Throughout his pro career, and prior to 2013, Torres averaged 3.8 BB/9 IP in the minors, and a whopping 4.9 BB/9 IP in the Majors. Then, all of a sudden, in a Mets uniform, Torres became a strike-throwing machine, tossing twice as many strikes as balls, and averaging only 1.8 BB/9 IP. I imagine that had something to do with a change in approach and philosophy. If he continues with that strike-throwing frequency, will he succeed? Or will hitters eventually tee off on his offerings, as they did on occasion in 2013?

There are two other glaring issues that contributed to his success. First is that the BABIP against him was .266. If for some reason that “luck” regresses to the .300 mean, his numbers may not look as good as they did last year. More concerning were his home/away splits:

Hopefully the above code works in your browser and you can see the numbers; if not, click here to see it on Baseball-Reference.

It’s clear that Torres was helped, for whatever reason, by The Field At Shea Bridge. Can he maintain that dominance at home? Is there any way he can be nearly as good away from Flushing?

Based on what my eyes told me, I don’t see Torres performing well as a Major League fifth starter, making 28-32 starts a year. I’m with Mike W.’s idea of using him primarily as a long man out of the bullpen, occasionally giving him a spot start, and limiting his exposure.
Carlos Torres is 31 years old, so I don’t expect him to vastly improve his skill set in the near future — last year may have been his ceiling.

What’s your thought? Post in the comments.

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