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One Reason Not to Root for Jose Reyes in Batting Title Race

Let’s get one thing crystal-clear: Jose Reyes is one of my favorite MLB players. There are few other current MLBers who I would prefer to watch if given the choice. That said, I’m thrilled he has a chance to become the first-ever New York Met to win a National League batting title — he’s currently hitting .331 to league-leader Ryan Braun’s .333, and anything can happen in the final three games of the year.

However, there is one situation where I am rooting against Reyes in this race:


Mets Game 157: Win Over Phillies

Mets 2 Phillies 1

A huge win for the New York Mets, who pull to within 23 games of first place and one game closer to third with five left to play. If only Bud Selig would consider extending the season by another 30 games, the Mets would still be in it.

Enough of the sarcasm. If nothing else, at least the Mets are entertaining in this final week. We were treated with a near no-no, a dramatic comeback victory starring someone named Valentino, and to top it all off, it was the Phillies who were defeated. Oh, and there’s still another game to play! Can’t really ask for much more on a meaningless September Saturday.


Blog Roundup: Spoiler Edition

On Thursday, the Mets did to the Cardinals what losing teams did to the Mets in 2007 and 2008: played spoiler.  And in dramatic fashion, putting up a 6-spot in the top of the ninth.  Bobby Parnell pitched a 1-2-3 bottom half to earn the save.  It’s nice to see that this team doesn’t roll over, even in the last week of the season.

The Blogs don’t roll over either:

  • Tedquarters says Thursday’s game is yet another reason why baseball is awesome.
  • Mets Police shares his experience watching a game at Citi Field with Mets Executive VP of Business Operations, Dave Howard.
  • Real Dirty Mets says signing Reyes may not be as desirable as it appears.
  • Metszilla writes about pending decisions to be made about the coaching staff – they’ve been evaluated this year in addition to the players.
  • Mets Fever wonders about one of those coaches in particular.
  • Amazin’ Avenue examines David Wright’s struggles hitting fastballs.

But Mets Today has a compact, powerful swing, and has no trouble handling fastballs.


Mets Game 156: Win Over Cardinals

Mets 8 Cardinals 6

It took 156 games, but finally, the Mets accomplished THE MOST UNLIKELY VICTORY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!! (So said Gary Cohen.)

I would not want to be in the home-team clubhouse with Tony LaRussa after this ballgame. I might prefer Chinese water torture, or peeling off my fingernails with a pair of pliers.

But, the St. Louis fans were very pleased with the effort that their boys put out.


Today’s Mets Lineup vs. Cardinals

Here is the lineup the Mets send to bat against Cardinals pitcher Jake Westbrook:

Jose Reyes – SS
Ruben Tejada – 2B
Angel Pagan – CF
David Wright – 3B
Willie Harris – LF
Nick Evans – 1B
Josh Thole – C
Mike Baxter – RF
Chris Capuano – P

Willie Harris is rewarded for his excellent efforts last night. I cannot quibble with that decision, but the fact Harris is batting fifth kind of encapsulates the Mets 2011 season, doesn’t it?

Nice to see New York native Mike Baxter getting the start in right field. Not nice to know Lucas Duda is out of the lineup, considering the Mets’ recent history with concussions.


Alderson: What Will Happen with Reyes, Payroll, Dimensions?

Taking a page from the 1985 classic movie The Breakfast Club, Sandy Alderson continued his “Don’t You Forget About Me” media tour yesterday, this time appearing with WFAN’s Mike Francesa.

Essentially, Alderson rehashed his SNY talking points from the previous day regarding the Citi Field walls, the young arms and the 2012 closer, but he also added tidbits about Jose Reyes and next year’s payroll.

Alderson called Reyes his top priority and expressed optimism that the Mets will keep their shortstop. He did however expect that Reyes will at least test the market by filing for free agency. “If he’s come this far, he will file,” Alderson said.

He also told Francesa that he has already been given the parameters for the 2012 payroll and they are “in line with what’s been discussed.” Francesa probed a bit on this one and gained agreement from Sandy that the payroll is more in the $110 million range than in the $70 million range. “That’s good news,” was Francesa’s reply, as he then gave an updated Yankees score.

Dan’s Take: I remain confident that the Mets have the right man in Alderson to lead them back to contention. I agree that those ridiculous dimensions at Citi Field must be changed, that the Mets need a better closer and that they must keep Reyes. I’d like to hear more on finding a left handed platoon for Jason Bay and getting a defensively skilled catcher, but it does sound like they have their priorities in the proper order as the offseason looms.

Joe’s Take:: As you might guess, I’m skeptical. To me this is Alderson acting as the talking head of the organization with the job of smoothing things over with the fan base, and to set the stage for the offseason stories. For example, he’s setting no expectations re: Reyes, but, he’s offering the possibility of changing the dimensions — it’s like a bargain.

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