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Lineups: Mets vs. Phillies

Ruben Tejada has been placed on the disabled list, with Jordany Valdespin taking his spot on the roster. However, Justin Turner will start at shortstop tonight. Here are the lineups:

Andres Torres CF
Kirk Nieuwenhuis LF
David Wright 3B
Lucas Duda RF
Daniel Murphy 2B
Ike Davis 1B
Justin Turner SS
Josh Thole C
Jon Niese LHP


Jimmy Rollins SS
John Mayberry LF
Shane Victorino CF
Hunter Pence RF
Ty Wigginton 1B
Carlos Ruiz C
Placido Polanco 3B
Fredy Galvis 2B
Roy Halladay SP

Seeing former Met Ty Wigginton in the lineup reminds me that Justin Turner reminds me a bit of a young Wiggy. Can I say “reminds me” twice in one sentence? You know what I mean. Looking at the Mets lineup I might be concerned, but after looking at the Phils’ HowardandUtleyless starting nine, I’m not.

I’m working tonight so please post your notes in the comments here until I get the postgame story up later this evening.


D.J. Carrasco Back

In case you missed it, D.J. Carrasco is back with the Mets after some injury issues and a short stint in AAA. I’m sure you are pleased upon hearing this news.

The great mystery, of course, is what angle — or angles — will we see Carrasco pitch from? Is it going to be overhand, sidearm, or submarine? All three? Will any of them be effective? Maybe he has figured out a way to propel the baseball from out of his belly button, which may be no more effective but may be neat to watch (though, I’m not sure whether the rule book allows it). Who knows, maybe he’ll do a Luis Tiant-like turnaround windup and twist so far that he throws the ball with his left hand; certainly, it’s worth a try.

What say you? Are you excited that Carrasco is back on the 25-man roster? Anyone want to place a bet on his arm angle? (Please, no bets accepted by anyone who saw him throw in Buffalo.) What role, exactly, will he fill? Mop up? Seventh inning setup? Spot starter? Post your bets and theories in the comments.


28 Days Later: The State of the Mets

David Wright is off to a great start.

28 games into the season, the Mets are 15-13, sitting in third place in the NL East.  And if it weren’t early May, I’d say something like, “if the season were to end today, the Mets would be the second Wildcard team.”  But it is only early May.  With that said, let’s take a look at the current state of the team.


First, the good news.  The Mets are exceeding expectations.  Yes, the expectations were low, but expectations are being exceeded nonetheless.

They went 13-10 in April, which isn’t bad in and of itself.  However, according to the May 7th issue of Sports Illustrated, they faced the 4th toughest schedule by winning percentage (.535) in the major leagues.  Meanwhile, the Dodgers and Nationals, teams that got off to screaming hot starts,  faced the 30th and 29th toughest schedules, respectively.

Individually, several players are off to great starts in 2012.  David Wright is off to one of the best starts of his career, hitting .375/.481/.545 with a team-leading 14 RBI.  Daniel Murphy is hitting .315/.358/.378.  The Mets need more extra base hits out of Murphy, but it’s hard to be dissatisfied with his average and OBP.  In addition, he’s played a surprisingly competent second base.  He hasn’t been without errors, but like his team, he has exceeded expectations.  Similarly, Josh Thole (.282/.356/.372) has performed well at the plate, while showing improvement behind it.


Mets Game 26: Loss to Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks 5 Mets 4

Both starting pitchers did well, save for one bad inning. In the end, it was relief pitching and defense that made the difference in the ballgame. On this particular night, strong defense and relief pitching by the D’Backs overtook shoddy defense and poor relieving by the Mets.