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Cubs Looking Bearish or Bullish?

In September, Theo Epstein had this to say to Chicago Cubs fans:

“I think obviously we really care about our fans and we want them to have a great experience, but we’re trying to be transparent about it,” Epstein said. “We have a plan and we have a vision and it won’t happen overnight, but given the way of things I think this is the best way to go.”

“There might be some tough things we have to tell (fans) along the way, and there might be another trading deadline in our future where we trade away 40 percent of a really good rotation,” Epstein said.

Since then, it’s been a fairly busy winter for the Cubs.


Have Ye Faith? Call in Now …

This quote by Sandy Alderson on a WFAN interview, reproduced by MetsBlog:

“I’m not that young, I’ve got to live through another year, and I don’t want to have an also-ran either. We’re gonna put something together that gives us a chance. And that’s our goal between now and the beginning of spring training. Will we knock your socks off with some high profile free agent? Probably not. But, we are getting close to the point where will be able to do that.”

Now, let’s pretend this is a radio call-in show. “Call” in to the comments section and air your response to this quote by Alderson. Do you believe that the Mets can / will “put something together that gives us (the Mets) a chance” this winter and explain why you do or don’t have faith in that statement.

The lines are open …