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Texeira and Swisher to Yankees

That would be KANEKOA Texeira, not MARK TEIXEIRA.

The Chicago White Sox dumped Nick Swisher and young righty Texeira on the Yankees in return for utilityman Wilson Betemit and prospects Jeffrey Marquez and Jhonny Nunez.

Very strange deal from the Yankees’ POV, and in my estimation they overpaid.

In Swisher, the Yankees get a left-handed hitting corner outfielder and first baseman, to add to their deep stash of lefthanded-hitting corner outfielders. Though they are looking for a centerfielder, and Swisher plays the position, it’s doubtful he’s their ideal choice there. Why they were so hot to trade away top prospects and a very serviceable bench guy in Betemit, is a little puzzling. I suppose they see Swisher as a more athletic version of Jason Giambi. And it makes sense in a market devoid of any decent first basemen after Teixeira.

For those who aren’t aware, Marquez is a pretty strong prospect. He struggled in his transition from AA to AAA, but before 2008 was ahead of, and better ranked, than either Bobby Parnell or Jon Niese are now. Methinks Ken Williams did well in stealing Marquez as part of the package. Nunez is no slouch either — he is exactly the type of sinker-slider guy Williams has been seeking. He could move quickly and find himself in the White Sox pen before the end of next season.

So much for Swisher going to Flushing. I doubt Mets fans would have been happy to see a package of Bobby Parnell, Eddie Kunz, and, say, Endy Chavez (for lack of a better comp) going to Chicago for him.

Expect to see the Yankees trade Hideki Matsui to Seattle now, as he has become redundant. Maybe Johnny Damon goes too.


Chicago Shopping Swisher

As MetsToday reader isuzudude pointed out earlier today, rumors persist that the Chicago White Sox are eager to ship out Nick Swisher.

The latest from Mark Gonzalez of The Chicago Tribune also confirms that the Palehose are committed to moving young star Alexei Ramirez to his more natural position of shortstop, and allowing free agent Orlando Cabrera to depart.

From the story:

A scouting source added the Sox have strengthened efforts to deal first baseman-outfielder Nick Swisher, who is signed through 2011 but doesn’t have the no-trade rights Konerko, pitcher Javier Vazquez and right fielder Jermaine Dye possess.

nick_swisher.jpgHmm … an opening at second base, a contract to dump … would Kenny Williams consider taking on Luis Castillo’s $18M in return for shedding Swisher’s $21M ? We discussed the possibility of Castillo going to Chicago in return for Paul Konerko last week, but that seems less realistic. Personally I’d do Castillo-for-Swisher in a heartbeat, install Swisher as the starting left fielder, and consider him as the heir to first base after Carlos Delgado exits. Swisher had a very difficult 2008, but at age 28 is entering his prime years and has shown both power and the ability to get on base in the past. He strikes out quite a bit, but makes up for it with his power, strong defensive skills and patience at the plate. Think of him as an Adam Dunn with a better glove and less swinging and missing. Oh, and the fact he’s a switch-hitter is nice, too. I also like his hard-nosed play.

Maybe the Mets can pull off a good old-fashioned blockbuster, and come away with Bobby Jenks and Javier Vazquez as well.

Let’s keep an eye on the developments in Chicago …