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Q&A and More with Wally Backman

Steve Serby has an entertaining Q&A with Wally Backman in today’s New York Post, which I encourage you to read.

In case you missed it, Bart Hubbach posits Backman as a possible successor to Jerry Manuel.

David Lennon presented “leftover thoughts” regarding the Backman hiring.

Ben Shpigel of The New York Times gives his take on the second chance afforded Wally.

In between officiating a mustache contest and getting hired to be the Brooklyn manager, Wally visited a nursing home near Shea Stadium Citi Field.

From the archives, here is Toby Hyde‘s take on the possibility of Wally returning in a minor league role with the Mets running the Mets’ player development system — which he termed “crazy talk” — written back in August. Ironically, Toby likely will be covering the Cyclones as part of his MetsMinorLeagueBlog next summer.

If you missed it, you can listen to Mike Francesa’s interview with Wally Backman on WFAN

And here is Wally reading from cue cards:

Can you ever remember so much media attention given to the hiring of a Rookie Short-Season A league manager?


Jeff Francoeur to Return

jeff-francoeur-swingAccording to a tweet by Bart Hubbach of the NY Post, the Mets plan to bring Jeff Francoeur back in 2010 — and may even negotiate a contract extension with him.

I know the statheads like to point out his poor OBP, lack of walks, and some other deficiencies in his game (and they’re correct in their analysis), but the bottom line for me is that as a fan I like Jeff Francoeur — I enjoy watching his hard-nosed, old-school style of play, I like his hustle, and i like the fact the he looks like he’s enjoying himself on the field. And since I’m not expecting success from the 2010 Mets, I’m looking for other things to cheer for — i.e., a reason to turn on the TV every night at 7pm. Jeff Francoeur could be one of those reasons.

Much of the criticism for Francoeur came about because