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Tonight’s Mets Lineup vs. Nationals

Here is the lineup the Mets will send to the plate against Washington Nationals pitcher and Staten Island native Jason Marquis Yunesky Maya:

Jose Reyes – SS
Justin Turner – 2B
Dan Murphy – 1B
David Wright – 3B
Angel Pagan – CF
Jason Bay – LF
Lucas Duda – RF
Josh Thole – C
R.A. Dickey – P

I guess Thole is catching because he is the “knuckleball catcher”. Lately Terry Collins can do no wrong so who am I to question his decisions?

In 48 career plate appearances against Marquis, Jason Bay has a .372 batting average with 5 HR and a 1.289 OPS. In other words this is a great pitcher for him to keep his little hot streak going — let’s hope he can finally get in the groove.

Speaking of hot streaks, the flaming hot David Wright has a .406 average and 1.068 OPS in 33 career plate appearances against Marquis. This has the makings of another 8-run outburst by the Mets offense.


Broadway a Blue Jay and Other News

In a twist of irony, Lance Broadway has signed with the Blue Jays.

Broadway was non-tendered by the Mets seven months after acquiring him in a trade with the White Sox for Ramon Castro. Castro agreed to terms with the Blue Jays a few days ago.

Meanwhile, free-agent righthander Jason Marquis announced he is a “perfect fit” for the Washington Nationals. Hmm, where have I heard that before?

In other news, the Mets may or may not have upped their offer to Jason Bay. I’ve chosen to avoid any Bay buzz until things sound more serious and/or “real” — there’s a lot of hot air. The Cardinals seem intent on signing Matt Holliday, having offered him either a 5- or 8-year deal, depending on the source.

Additionally, the Mets have reportedly made a two-year offer to Ryota Igarashi, a relief pitcher from Japan. However, Patrick Newman of NPBTracker hears there are at least three offers from other teams on the table. I know nothing about Igarashi other than what Newman has on his blog (which is excellent, by the way).

So hard to comment on the Mets when it comes to Japan. On the one hand, you want them to be “in” on anything that could be fruitful, but on the other hand, their history with Japanese imports has been less than fulfilling. Remember it was the Mets who chose not to listen to Bobby Valentine when he recommended Ichiro Suzuki, but later brought in Kaz Matsui to move Jose Reyes out of shortstop. But then again, Ken Takahashi worked out nicely. /sarcasm


10 Free Agency Fears for Mets Fans

Free agents go on the open market today, and with a lack of trading chips, the Mets are expected to dive in deep to fill their multiple holes.

At minimum, they need at least one starting pitcher — maybe two; a catcher; a left fielder; a utility infielder; a LOOGY; a righthanded reliever; and a first baseman (though, that one’s up for argument).

With so many holes to fill and the Mets desperate to erase the 2009 season from memory, fans should fear the following.


Jason Marquis Wants To Be a Met (?)

According to Tracy Ringolsby, Jason Marquis has told his Colorado Rockies teammates that his goal is to sign with the New York Mets this winter. (Hat tip to Ed at MetsFever)

Intriguing report by Ringolsby, and if true, it is no doubt a goal based on economics.

Though Marquis is from Staten Island, we’re told he grew up a Yankees fan, so becoming a Met is not his childhood dream. There’s a possibility that Ringolsby is as confused as Jeff Francoeur. Just as likely, Marquis is smart enough to see that the Mets are in dire need of a solid innings-eater, will likely cheap lose out on the bidding for John Lackey, and in turn look to overpay for a pitcher on the rung below Lackey. Perhaps, someone who is coming off a career year, and therefore appears to be worth the overpayment.

Someone like Jason Marquis.

After all, the Mets overpaid to sign Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, Scott Schoeneweis, and Francisco Rodriguez when those men were on the open market. They overpaid for Alex Cora, Tim Redding, Fernando Tatis, Pedro Martinez, Billy Wagner, and Carlos Beltran. Even when they did and then didn’t sign Yorvit Torrealba, it was for a higher rate than anyone else would give him. In fact, looking at their history since Omar Minaya took over as GM, they’ve overpaid for just about every free agent they signed — no matter what their talent level.

Knowing that, if I were a free agent, I’d also have the goal of getting signed by the Mets — it’s a near guarantee that I’d get more money and/or years than anyone else would offer.


Francoeur Confused About Marquis?

According to Jeff Francoeur, Colorado pitcher Jason Marquis would “love to” play for the Mets.

Per Frenchy, in the New York Post:

“He’d be a great fit. He’s from Staten Island. He’s a New York type of guy. He’ll probably be coming off the best season he’s ever had.”

Jeff is only half-right. Yes, Jason Marquis would “love” to play in New York — for the Yankees, the team that he grew up rooting for as a Staten Island youngster. But not only because he was a big fan of the Bronx Bombers — but also because the Yankees will PAY.

I strained my oblique muscle from laughter when I read this later sentence typed by Mike Puma in the same article:

Marquis’ easiest path to the Mets would be to accept a hometown discount.

Not likely.

When Jason Marquis was coming off his WORST season as a big leaguer — one in which he lost 16 games, had an ERA over 6, and was left off the Cardinals’ postseason roster as they marched to their improbable championship — he hit the jackpot with a 3-year, $21M deal.

Now, it’s understood that the financial climate in the winter of 2006 was much different than it is now. But considering that Marquis is finishing up the BEST season of his career, I doubt very highly he’s interested in a pay cut.

There aren’t many starting pitchers out there who are a virtual lock to give a team 190+ innings — which Marquis has done five out of the last six years. That on its own, even in a tough market, is worth at least $7-8M per annum (see: Jon Garland). Garland’s price was that low because his ERA was near five and teams felt he was helped by a superior supporting cast. I’d guess that Marquis is looking at a deal in the neighborhood of 3 years / $36M — or what Oliver Perez received last winter. He might get even more, particularly if a New York team enters the bidding. Most likely, the Mets won’t be that New York team — not when they’re looking to cut payroll, rather than add to it.

One more little issue with Jeff Francoeur’s campaign for Marquis — Francoeur himself is not guaranteed to be in New York next year. Personally, I’d be happy to see both Francoeur and Marquis in Mets uniforms next season, but there’s still the matter of arbitration for Frenchy. Rumors abound that the Mets are considering a 3-year extension — in essence to buy out his arbitration years — but as of this moment Francoeur does not have a contract for 2010.

Time will tell. If anything, it shold be an interesting offseason.


Mets Game 134: Win Over Rockies

Mets 8 Rockies 3

A successful day for the Mets, and a day of firsts for Josh Thole and Pat Misch.

Behind Misch, the Mets extended their streak of winning at least one game in a series to sixteen straight! That’s right, they haven’t been swept since the Phillies took three in a row way back in the first week of July, just prior to the All-Star break. Unfortunately, the Mets have taken more than one game in a series only once in the past month (thank goodness for four-game series!).

Misch was spectacular through seven, allowing only two runs on four hits and two walks, striking out three, en route to his first Major League victory.

Speaking of firsts, rookie Josh Thole made good in his debut, singling in his first MLB at-bat, stealing his first base, and stroking his first extra-base hit — a double in the top of the ninth. He also committed his first passed ball, but we’ll excuse him of that.

The Mets offense chased starter and loser Jason Marquis from the game after the fifth, and launched a 16-hit attack all told against seven Colorado hurlers.

Pedro Feliciano gave up a run in the final two innings in a non-save situation.


All three Rockies runs came on solo homers.

David Wright — sans his Great Gazoo headgear — went 3-for-4 with 2 runs scored and 3 RBI. Angel Pagan also had three hits from the leadoff spot and scored twice.

Dan Murphy provided the power from the cleanup spot with two extra-base hits — his eighth homer of the year and his 29th double.

Jeremy Reed collected another pinch-hit, a single up the middle against Matt Herges in the 8th. He now has 13 pinch-hits on the season, batting .310 in that role.

Jeff Francoeur led all Mets by seeing 25 pitches in his five plate appearances.

Next Mets Game

The Mets fly home to begin a weekend series against the Chicago Cubs. Game one is at 7:10 PM on Friday night, with Bobby Parnell facing Carlos Zambrano.


Mets Game 99: Win Over Rockies

Mets 4 Rockies 0

Mike Pelfrey allowed 7 baserunners in his first four frames, but was saved by two double play balls and four strikeouts. He continued to battle, working out of jams, and kept the Rockies scoreless through six and a third.

Meanwhile, the Mets scratched out three runs — one each in the second, third, and fourth innings — and the bullpen combination of Pedro Feliciano and Sean Green held it up to give the Mets their fourth consecutive victory and seventh shutout of the season.


According to the SNY announcers, Dan Murphy received defensive pointers from Carlos Delgado prior to the game and used Delgado’s glove during the game. In spite of this, Murphy nonetheless performed well at his position.

Speaking of Murphy, he had two more hits, an RBI, and two runs scored from the cleanup spot — a position in which he’s become entrenched. I don’t see how Jerry Manuel can move him out of there.

Is it terrible that I spend most of these games waiting for the Mets to show me how they’re going to lose? And how bad is it that I’m still doubting the final score a good 15-20 minutes after that last out? My guard is up from inning one through nine, making it difficult to enjoy the game even when the Mets are on the winning end.

I want to know who Josh Fogg was pitching against in his previous 14 outings — the ones against whom he posted a 0.89 ERA? Did the Rockies have an “outer-league” part of the schedule where they faced American Legion teams?

Four straight wins, and now the Nepopolitans are only 5 1/2 games behind in the Wild Card standings. Never mind the other six teams between them and the Rox — ya gotta believe!

Prior to the game, Jeff Wilpon held a press conference to apologize for yesterday’s press conference — though I’m not sure whether he was referring to the first press conference, or the the second. He mentioned something about Adam Rubin, blah blah blah, and he might’ve stated something of import, but I was too focused on his hair, wondering if he uses Vitalis For Men, or possibly Dippity-Doo (do they still make that? just a dab’ll do ya!).

Next Mets Game

The Mets and Rockies do it again at 7:10 PM on Wednesday night. Johan Santana pitches against Jason Hammel.