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Now You’re Talking Turkey: Mets Transactions During Thanksgiving Week

In my household, the week before Thanksgiving has traditionally been one of preparation. Since we host the annual family gathering, there is food to be bought, a turkey to stuff, rugs to vacuum, bathrooms to be cleaned, toys to put away and extra chairs to be brought up from the cellar.

For the Mets, this week has also signaled the start of their preparation for the next season. With an eye on ticket sales, several Mets GMs have swung deals during this shortened work week. For most of us fans, the news of these transactions is a welcome change from a long stretch of no news at all. In more recent years, a genuine move means temporary relief from the incessant and preposterous speculation in all corners of the media about rumored trades and/or signings.

In retrospect, perhaps we should have had more patience! Here are a passel of Thanksgiving week deals made by the Mets, a few which may lead to some indigestion.


Boston After Beltran?

Adam Rubin at ESPN-NY is reporting that the Boston Red Sox are “talking internally” about the possibility of obtaining Carlos Beltran.

I wondered if the Red Sox would be interested in Beltran a few weeks ago, but a friend of mine from Boston (and diehard Bosox fan) convinced me that Theo Epstein had enough injury-prone outfielders to worry about. Plus, there is the cost of Beltran — a hefty $18.5M.

It would seem that the Mets would need to eat a significant portion of Beltran’s salary for such a deal to happen. I still think the Mets are better served by keeping him now, but look to make a deal at the July deadline.

Though, it would be ironic to see Beltran go to Boston, and platoon in an outfield corner with Mike Cameron.


10 Free Agency Fears for Mets Fans

Free agents go on the open market today, and with a lack of trading chips, the Mets are expected to dive in deep to fill their multiple holes.

At minimum, they need at least one starting pitcher — maybe two; a catcher; a left fielder; a utility infielder; a LOOGY; a righthanded reliever; and a first baseman (though, that one’s up for argument).

With so many holes to fill and the Mets desperate to erase the 2009 season from memory, fans should fear the following.