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Jose Reyes Hamstring Injury is Minor

According to the MRI results, Jose Reyes has suffered a “grade one” hamstring strain — which is the most minor a hamstring strain can be.

Translation: that is good news. It means that Reyes will not go on the disabled list and should be back in the lineup in a few days. Of course, it also means he needs to be careful, not rush it, and not push it, so that it heals and doesn’t develop into something worse. And the way Reyes plays —
all out and running like a mad man — I hope that the Mets err way on the side of caution. In fact, if I were the Mets I’d just sit him down for the next nine days and through the All-Star break, to ensure he’ll be 100% when the second half of the season begins. Just one thing: Reyes is the starting shortstop for the National League.

What do you think? Should Reyes play on Tuesday if he’s feeling good? Should the Mets sit him down through this West Coast swing? It’s only 7 games. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Reyes was Wrong

Jose Reyes‘ baserunning gaffe from Friday night’s game was exactly that: a gaffe. Meaning, a blunder, or a foolish mistake.

It doesn’t matter that Bob Ojeda was a former MLBer and he supported this blunder, because there are former MLBers who, if you asked them, would say it was a dumb move.

And it doesn’t matter that Reyes’ own manager Terry Collins publicly supported Reyes’ decision to take a chance in that situation, because Collins


Mets Game 78: Win Over Rangers

Mets 8 Rangers 5

There’s the the Indy 500, the Fortune 500, the card game “500”, and a movie called 500 Days of Summer. And then there is the New York Mets’ magical mystery tour in pursuit of the .500 mark — perhaps we should call it “the Flushing 500”. For only the third time since the first week of the season, the Mets reached that elusive .500 winning percentage by beating the reigning American League Champion Texas Rangers.

Ironically, the Mets accomplished the Flushing 500 with native Texan Dillon Gee on the mound — who also started the game won by the Mets on June 15th, which was the last time the team reached .500.

This time around, the Mets are guaranteed to remain at .500 through Monday; let’s hope they can get over the hump this week.


Mets Game 74: Win Over Athletics

Mets 3 Athletics 2

It’s games like this that make me wonder why BeelzeBud Selig found it so necessary to artificially juice up the offense to make baseball “more appealing”. Because if you weren’t at the edge of your seat in the 8th and 9th inning of this game — and through most of the extra innings, for that matter — then you’ll never, ever appreciate the game and you probably don’t enjoy watching great mystery movies, either. The masterful pitching performances by R.A. Dickey and Gio Gonzalez built up great tension — an eight-inning crescendo that came to an exalting release when Jose Reyes ripped a triple. Even though it wasn’t a score, we all knew that Jose would score — somehow, some way. And when Justin Turner drove him in it might have been considered anticlimactic.

Of course, the emotional rollercoaster took a heart-wrenching, stomach-turning dive when Francisco Rodriguez allowed the A’s to tie it up in the ninth. As a Mets fan, you weren’t happy, but as a viewer watching the plot twist, it was purely magnificent entertainment value.

In the extra innings that followed, there were about dozen moments that had us on the edge of our seats — be they strikeouts that almost weren’t, or drives off of bats that were erased by improbable dives. Just when you thought the story might end, it instead took a turn and continued to evolve.

And when the game finally ended, you were still at the edge of your seat, and as a Mets fan elated — while as a mere spectator of the storyline, you may have been mildly disappointed that the movie was over, because the story succeeded in ending at a point where you were hoping it would continue for just a few more minutes (or not end at all).

Who needs homeruns when the game can naturally tell a brilliant story like that?


How Hot is Jose Reyes?

As mentioned in the last game recap, Jose Reyes is on a tear. Over the last 10 games, he’s hitting .465 with 13 runs scored, four doubles, four triples and six RBI. He also has a 10-game hitting streak and has scored at least one run in nine straight. He’s not hot, he’s scorching. Which begs the question: if Jose is hot now, then