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Mets Game 124: Loss to Brewers

Brewers 6 Mets 1

This was a difficult game to watch, particularly after waiting through almost three hours of a rain delay. There was a point — after four innings — when I thought the Mets had a chance, but after the fifth, it seemed like everyone was just waiting for the game to end.


Blog Roundup: Reality Edition

With 8 weeks left in the regular season, reality is settling in like a haze around Citi Field.  After losing 5 in a row, the Mets appear to have finally run out of magic.

But what does the blogosphere think?:

  • Real Dirty Mets has a real dirty look at the problems that face Sandy Alderson
  • Faith and Fear wishes Jason Bay were as good at hitting home runs as he is at swatting hope out of the park.
  • Amazin’ Avenue has his weekly player performance meter.  Why are there so many red arrows?
  • Metstradamus talks about…well, never mind that.  I just LOVE this picture of Mike Pelfrey.
  • Mets 360 examines the Minayariffic signing of D.J. Carrasco by new GM, Sandy Alderson.
  • Tedquarters says Pelfrey’s recent quotes about the Mets were simply a reflection of reality.

As they say in baseball, hang with ’em.  And keep hangin’ at Mets Today.


Mets Game 119: Loss to Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks 6 Mets 4

There was a point early in this game when I thought the Mets had a genuine chance to win. They fought back from a two-run deficit to tie the game, then scored another pair to take a two-run lead. Then it all went bad, and the Mets couldn’t recover.


Mets Game 109: Loss to Marlins

Marlins 7 Mets 3

For the second consecutive game, the Mets came back in the ninth inning to tie the ballgame, thanks to a homerun off of the opposing team’s closer. And for the second consecutive game, they couldn’t convert that momentum shift into a victory.