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PTBNLs from the Brewers

NOTE: This is a post by new MetsToday contributor Dan Capwell. Please direct your comments to him. -Joe

The last time the Mets traded an overpriced closer to a contending team for 2 PTBNL, they ended up getting Chris Carter and Eddie Lora from Boston for Billy Wagner. That deal failed on several levels, which is another blog post in itself. Suffice to say however that the K-Rod to Milwaukee deal stirred those memories and evoked thoughts of “here we go again” among many of the Met faithful.

Then Sandy Alderson ended an interview the WFAN’s Joe and Evan with a cryptic comment that one of the two PTBNLs had already been successful at the major league level but was currently back in Milwaukee’s farm system. So, who might this player be? Well, a quick glance at the roster of the Nashville Sounds (The Brewer’s AAA team) provides several names that might fit the description:


K-Rod May Not Close for Brewers

Though we really shouldn’t care about K-Rod now that he’s left the Mets, it’s interesting — to me, anyway — that he is going to a below-the-radar team that already has a closer, but a “no-name” one at that.

I imagined that K-Rod would wind up with someone like the Yankees — who have Mariano Rivera — or the Red Sox (Jon Papelbon), and he’d have no choice but to be happy in a setup role. On a big-market team with a well-known closer, K-Rod wouldn’t really have the option of demanding to close.

But now that he’s a Brewer, K-Rod and his new agent Scott Boras may do just that.

My ESPN SweetSpot colleague Jack Moore of Disciples of Uecker had this immediate reaction to the trade:


K-Rod Traded to Brewers

The fire sale has officially begun: Francisco Rodriguez has been traded to the Brewers for two players to be named later.

Obviously, a team looking to contend for the postseason does not trade their closer. So, expect to see more trades coming as the Mets sell off their most valuable assets and build for 2012 and beyond.

I would guess that Jason Isringhausen becomes the Mets’ closer for the short-term, though they might choose to do a “closer by committee” and include Bobby Parnell and possibly Pedro Beato or Tim Byrdak. Yes, Tim Byrak, because he gets lots of swings and misses, and it could make sense to showcase him in a closer role for a week or two to develop more interest in him as trade bait.

So, what is your immediate reaction to this news? Share in the comments.


Francisco Rodriguez Signs with Scott Boras

Per the official New York Mets website on MLB.com, Francisco Rodriguez has ditched agent Paul Kinzer for Scott Boras.

I don’t know how this can be good for the Mets.

As we all know, K-Rod is only 21 finishes away from the pot of gold — the $17.5M option for 2012 that automatically vests when Frankie finishes his 55th game. The cash-strapped Mets, of course, need to find a way to avoid paying $17.5M to a closer next year. They can’t keep him from finishing games or the MLBPA will be all over them. So the alternative is to trade him to another team — presumably one that needs him as a setup man, since it’s unlikely there are any teams out there who want to pay a closer not named Mariano $17.5M, either.

I’m not smart enough to know exactly how the Boras factor will play into the Mets’ ability to deal K-Rod, but my gut feeling is that somehow this will affect the dynamic of shipping him elsewhere. Who knows, maybe it could be a good thing. For example, maybe Boras can find a team that will take Rodriguez as a closer while simultaneously dropping the option and giving him a 3-year extension. Certainly, there are a few teams in the hunt who can use a lights-out closer.

What are your thoughts? Is the Boras factor a good thing, bad thing, or will he have no effect at all on the Mets’ ability to trade K-Rod? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Mets Governed by Finances

The recent report by Bob Klapisch and Steve Popper that Johan Santana could miss the season was immediately and vehemently dismissed as poppycock by the Mets and Johan himself.

This latest situation is just another example of how desperate the financial situation is for the Mets — to the point where it could result in irresponsible decisions. I get that the team needs to spin the news and make everything positive — they have little choice. But if they actually follow through and push Santana onto the mound in July, it’s likely not because he’s ready and not because it’s best for his recovery — most likely, it’s because it will be best for increasing the team’s revenues.

I wrote more thoroughly on this topic, while also addressing the similar issue of pushing Carlos Beltran onto the field and the contrasting story of keeping Francisco Rodriguez OFF of it, in a column at the ESPN SweetSpot today; feel free to read it and provide your comments, either there or back here.

Mets Ruled by Finances


Will White Sox Want K-Rod?

Yesterday was the non-tendering deadline, and as a result one of the biggest names to hit the free-agent market was White Sox closer Bobby Jenks.

This leaves the ChiSox without a legitimate 9th-inning man, since J.J. Putz is also a free agent.

The White Sox also have signed Adam Dunn to a 4-year deal, and re-signed catcher A.J. Pierzynski. It is also rumored that they will find a way to bring Paul Konerko back. Looking at these moves, and their heavily veteran roster, this team is built to win now — and GM Kenny Williams seems intent on improving upon last year’s 88-74 record by providing Ozzie Guillen with all the talent he needs.

It seems like an ideal situation for Francisco Rodriguez.