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Quote of the Day: Forbes on the Mets

How can a team valued at $858 million, third on Forbes’ list of major-league franchises behind the Yankees and Red Sox, be so incapable of acquiring any players who could help them make a run in the final two months of the season?

— David Lariviere, “No Excuse For Mets Being Dormant In Trade Market”

The Mets front office has once again succeeded in making the team the laughingstock of professional sports and they have a good portion of the fanbase defending their incompetence. Well done, guys!


Quote of the Day: Mets Need to Relax With Beltran

Rob Parker of ESPN New York on the Mets handling of Carlos Beltran’s seemingly imminent return:

The Mets need to relax, reel it in a bit.

This talk, even in the smallest of terms, about Carlos Beltran returning asap is sheer craziness.

And the Mets, of all teams, should know better. The only thing they have done more of than choking down the stretch that last five years is leading the league in medical gaffes.

There’s simply no need for Beltran to be rushed back. (ESPN New York)


Quote of the Day: June 7, 2010

Perez during a rehab start in 2009

Earlier this afternoon, I posted a link to an interview with minor league pitching coach Jeff Andrews. Andrews was the minor league pitching coordinator with the Padres when Oliver Perez was in the organization. He obviously knows Ollie better than most.

Quote of the day:

“I don’t know that there’s many outside things that can cure him,” he said. “It’s very rare that he’ll take a cue from someone else.” – Jeff Andrews in The Wall Street Journal (June 7, 2010)