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Yankees Get Granderson

Realizing that they had no All-Star outfielders under contract, the Yankees rectified the matter by acquiring Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers in a three-team deal that also included the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In the trade, the Yankees sent prospect Austin Jackson and lefty reliever Phil Coke to the Tigers and pitcher Ian Kennedy to the D-Backs. Arizona also received Edwin Jackson from Detroit in return for Max Scherzer and reliever Daniel Schlereth.

There was no talk of the Mets having interest in Granderson. If they did, I imagine it would have cost them something along the likes of Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, and Bobby Parnell.

As far as this trade affecting the Mets, the Diamondbacks now have Edwin Jackson penciled into their rotation, behind Dan Haren and Brandon Webb (if Webb proves healthy). That’s a pretty nasty 1-2-3 to deal with in a three-game series. The 26-year-old Coke should slot in as a middle reliever / LOOGY, though he has extensive experience as a starter in the minor leagues.

In other news, the Yankees traded Suzyn Waldman to ESPN for Peter Gammons. Just kidding — though it’s true that Gammons is leaving ESPN to pursue other interests.


To All You Yankee Rooters

ny-yankees-logoNot long ago, I gave you five reasons to root for the Phillies in the World Series.

Which team to pull for was a difficult decision for any Mets fan. But now that the World Serious is over, and the Yankees are the 2009 World Champions, I have a question for those Mets fans who chose to root for the Bronx Bombers: would you now reconsider that decision?

I ask because it is now five days after the final game, and yet the YES network is still showing that goddamn parade 24 hours a day. Sure, it’s easy to avoid the channel, but when I’m surfing or looking through the on-screen TV guide, that damn thing pops out like an inflamed wart. And if you frequent NJ’s Route 3 highway, you’ve no doubt noticed that a digital sign just past the Meadowlands STILL states “Friday – Celebration Parade in Manhattan”.

But it’s not just the parade. I turned on the Giants football game on Sunday — the first time I’ve put the Giants on since they won the Super Bowl — and, lo and behold, the Yankees “general manager” Joe Girardi was honored in a pregame ceremony.

Then of course, there was the “key to the city” thing. If the Phillies had won the World Series, I doubt I would be reading about Pedro Martinez getting a key to the city of Philadelphia — that news simply wouldn’t get up here (NOTE: this post does not apply to anyone living in the South Jersey / Philly area).

Similarly, I probably wouldn’t be seeing Matt Stairs, Greg Dobbs, and other Phillies bench players hawking various products and promoting local businesses the way I suspect we’ll be seeing people like Jerry Hairston, Jr. on local cable channels and newspaper ads this winter.

I also doubt sincerely that I’d be seeing people coming out of the woodwork wearing Phillies hats all over my town, on the ferry, on the bus, on the subway, and in random coffee shops — such as I and others are seeing NY Yankee hats infiltrate their neighborhoods.

And I’m certain I would not be running into at least one acquaintance every day who just happened to be a Phillies fan, knifing me with their gloating smiles and condescending quips like “I’m sure the Mets will turn things around soon”.

Again, I’m sure things would be / are much different in the South Jersey / Philly area. But here in the New York City Metropolitan Area, there is no escape from the daily reminders that the “other” New York team won the World Series.

As fellow blogger Greg Prince of Faith and Fear opines:

“Tell me how this isn’t tangibly more hellish than a Phillies victory.”

It’s going to be a long, cold winter, Mets fans.


Holliday List Includes Mets

matt-holliday-cardsAccording to Ken Davidoff, free-agent-to-be Matt Holliday’s first two choices are the Yankees and Mets.

Like Jason Marquis, Holliday is an intelligent man.

It’s no surprise that the New York Yankees tops his list. They do, after all, have the deepest pockets in MLB — and will have over thirty million dollars coming off the books this winter when the contracts of Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Xavier Nady, and others expire. Assuming the Yankees allow all three of those individuals to walk, they’ll have a big hole in left field. Telling the world he’d like to fill that hole immediately gets the Red Sox involved in the bidding, driving up his price further.

With the Mets it’s a similar situation. Does Holliday really want to play in Flushing, or


Yankees Block Carter – So What?

Yesterday I thought we’d reached a low point when the DFA of a career minor leaguer caused excitement in the Mets blogosphere. Today, I’m seeing we fans sink even lower in this steep abyss of failure and mediocrity we’re calling the 2009 season — because now, we’re mad at the Yankees for preventing the Mets from auditioning another career minor leaguer.

Don’t get me wrong — I was excited as the next guy at the possibility of seeing some new (and healthy) blood come into Flushing, and wow us with his homerun hitting skills. But now, various sources are reporting that Chris Carter will be staying in Boston, because the Yankees claimed him on waivers as a handcuffing strategy (it forced the Red Sox to pull Carter back and keep him on their 40-man roster). Disappointing, yes, the news will hardly ruin my September.

First of all, the Yankees could care less about who the Mets want to audition in meaningless September games, and that consideration likely never entered their minds. The Yankees, after all, are focused on “meaningful games in September” (as Fred Wilpon so aptly describes them). And I can’t blame them — why should the Yankees do the Mets any favors, particularly in the heat of a pennant race? Did the Mets do the Yankees a favor by giving Billy Wagner to the Red Sox? And in return for peanuts, no less? Along with the potentiality of the Bosox getting two extra picks in next year’s June draft? Hmm … LHP who throws mid-90s and has closing experience … draft picks … in return for two non-prospects … yeah, we should be ticked at Brian Cashman for screwing up the Mets’ September, since Omar Minaya was so kind in helping out the Yankees!

Second, the blame is misplaced if it’s on the big bad Yankees. You want to blame someone for screwing up Chris Carter’s audition? How about blaming the Red Sox, who should have pushed Carter through waivers a month ago. It’s standard routine to send all your players through waivers after the trading deadline — no doubt the Bosox passed through people like Mike Lowell, Rocco Baldelli, Takashi Saito, etc. — so why not Carter?

Third, consider the silver lining. The fact that Carter won’t be in New York means there will be opportunities for others. For example, maybe without Carter around, the Mets will consider claiming Matt Murton to try out in left field. Perhaps not having Carter’s means Josh Thole will get some reps at first base. Or it could mean someone like Lucas Duda or Ike Davis gets a surprise promotion. At the very least, it should mean more at-bats for Angel Pagan and Cory Sullivan, and more first base experience for Dan Murphy. Seeing those three players for another 25-30 games will be helpful in determining where (or whether) they fit into the plans for 2010.

But hey, if you want to project your anger toward the Bronx, that’s your prerogative — and if it helps you cope with this sorry excuse for an organization, then go ahead and let it all out. Personally, I’d rather be “mad” at the Yankees for something more worthwhile.


Fire Omar – Or Don’t

My apologies for missing this piece calling for Omar Minaya’s head by Dave Cameron, and an even better response defending Minaya by Fire Jerry Manuel. But with all the noise suggesting a change in the Mets’ front office, both are still relevant.

MetsFever suggests that Jermaine Dye will be available this winter, and the Mets could be interested. Well, that would fit the pattern of acquiring aging sluggers on the downside of their career.

How many times have the Yankees fielded an entire lineup where every one of their players had more home runs than anyone on the Mets? Visit I Hate The Mets to find out.

Finally, go to TheRopolitans to see an up-close look at Max Scherzer’s heterochromia (as well as those crazy eyes of his). I think he’s part Alaskan Malamute.


Quiz for Yankees Fans

Any Yankees fans out there? If so, please look at the picture below and see if you can identify who it is:


Give up? It’s Jean Afterman, the “assistant to the GM” of the New York Yankees. Strange that you don’t know her … you mean, she doesn’t regularly make headlines, hang around the ballfield, undermine managers, whisper secrets to ballplayers, argue with Mo Rivera, publicly cuss out and berate other Yankees personnel, and provide injury information to the tabloids? Huh.

Well, I GUARANTEE she has never, and would never, rip off her shirt in front of a clubhouse full of AA ballplayers.


Yankees Manage Adversity, Mets Don’t

Peter Abraham explains how the Yankees were able to wade through adversity earlier this season while the Mets keep coming up with excuses.

USAToday spotlights Wally Backman’s road back to an MLB managing job.

It doesn’t just seem like Mets pitchers give up a lot of hits and walks to opposing pitchers … JF at I Hate the Mets shows us the proof.

Brooklyn Met Fan, like me, grew up idolizing John Stearns. So he knows of what he speaks when he suggests this year’s Mets are the worst ever.

I.M. Forme found some nice new hats for Mets fans, and calls out Omar Minaya for lack of effort this past offseason.

It’s Mets for Me also found this video taken by a “person familiar with the situation” in the Mets’ international scouting department: