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Phillies Lose Roy Halladay

As if the Phillies’ injury issues couldn’t get worse, they’ve now lost starter Roy Halladay for an undetermined time due to a shoulder problem.

Suddenly, Roy Oswalt looks like a viable option for the Phillies.

For those who have been following MetsToday, the Halladay injury is not exactly a surprise. From May 8th:

I can’t put my finger on what exactly is wrong, but I think there might be a physical issue with Roy Halladay. His follow-through looks cut off, with his upper body staying a bit too high from what I remember. In fact he’s putting too much stress on his arm with his finish. Additionally, his arm angle occasionally dropped a bit below low three-quarter — he was just about sidearm on several pitches. He’s also throwing more curveballs than his normal rate. Finally, his arm tended to drag behind his body, particularly as the game wore on. All these factors suggest that he may have either a shoulder or back issue. I hope that’s not the case, because as a baseball fan I absolutely love watching him deal. Let’s just say I won’t be stunned if at some point this season he goes on the DL with an arm and/or back problem.

Considering what I saw in that game and his 88-MPH gun readings in spring training, my guess is that Halladay has severely damaged his shoulder — and likely needing surgery. Though such a turn of events is good for the Mets, it doesn’t please me as a baseball fan, because I thoroughly enjoy watching Halladay as an artist at work.


Mets Game 143: Loss to Phillies

Phillies 3 Mets 0

As Mets fans we are blessed to have the Phillies in our division and in turn the opportunity to see two of the best righthanded starters in baseball pitching over the course of a weekend.

Roy Oswalt was spectacular, spinning a complete-game, 4-hit shutout. He completely stymied the Mets hitters, and did not allow a Met to touch second base.

Game Notes

Jonathon Niese wasn’t bad — he just wasn’t tremendous. Unfortunately, his only chance at victory against Oswalt was to be at least tremendous, or better.

Niese allowed 3 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks in 7 innings of work. That type of outing is defined as a “quality start”, and most would agree that Niese pitched well enough to win. But winning is tough when you pitch for the New York Mets.

Oswalt lost his first start in a Philadelphia uniform, but the Phillies have won all 8 of his starts since.

The Mets are now 70-73, 12.5 games out of first place with 19 games to play.

Next Mets Game

On Monday the Mets begin a four-game series against the Pirates in Flushing. Dillon Gee goes for his second Major League win against James McDonald. Game time is 7:10 PM.


Phillies Acquire Roy Oswalt

Why do the Phillies get all the Roys?

The Phils sent JA Happ, Anthony Gose, and Jonathan Villar to Houston in exchange for Roy Oswalt and a considerable amount of cash — the Astros will be picking up about half of the $22M left on Oswalt’s contract.

This gives the Phillies a starting rotation that starts with Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels — not too shabby.

Meanwhile, the Mets did nothing — and why would they? After a full day of meetings on Monday, they came to the conclusion that the team is just fine the way it is, with enough talent to get into the playoffs. They proved that beyond a measure of doubt by taking two of three from the Cardinals in their first series after the pow-wow.

Everyone criticizing the Phillies for this deal claims that Oswalt is old and stinks. Let’s hope that’s the case. And let’s hope he’s not one of the top ten pitchers in the NL (WHIP and Ks aren’t really indicative of a pitcher’s value, right?). Though, pitching isn’t everything in baseball — you still have to score runs. And we know the Phillies struggle mightily offensively.

If nothing else, this trade sort of fulfills at least one of my predictions from this year — though, it does appear Jayson Werth is still in Philadelphia. One out of three ain’t bad, right?

In other news, the Marlins jettisoned Met-killer Jorge Cantu to Texas, the Orioles sent Miguel Tejada to San Diego, and the Nationals traded Matt Capps to Minnesota for young catcher Wilson Ramos.

I wonder if the Mets considered acquiring Tejada to play 2B? That’s really the only position where the Mets had an opportunity to upgrade. He was playing third in Baltimore, and likely will do the same for the Padres, moving Chase Headley to the outfield.


Phillies To Acquire Oswalt?

According to ESPN columnist Jayson Stark, via Twitter:

According to sources close to the situation, a Jayson Werth trade is imminent and further, the Phillies have stepped up their efforts to acquire an arm with the news that Jamie Moyer has an elbow strain.

With Werth slumping badly lately, the Phillies are looking to dump him for pitching and to make room for phenom Domonic Brown, who is hitting .360 with 4 HR in his first 20 games in AAA. The Astros could be interested in dumping Oswalt’s salary and taking on Werth, who is likely to be a Type A free agent and net the ‘stros two first-round picks when he walks in the winter. Though, the Phils might also have to add in a young pitcher such as J.A. Happ (who was pulled in the third inning of a minor league start) or Andrew Carpenter.

More likely, though, the Phillies will be trading Werth to a team hungry for a bat (Rays?) in return for a player (Andy Sonnanstine?) or players who will then be moved for the arm or arms they need. In addition to Oswalt, the Phillies have reportedly been in discussions for Dan Haren, Jeremy Guthrie, and Ben Sheets.

Meanwhile, the Mets might be interested in Jake Westbrook.

Can you imagine a Phillies team with Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt heading their starting rotation? Yes, they are struggling all around right now but what a shot in the arm (pardon the pun) such an acquisition would be. Just as significant, the Phillies would start the 2011 season with the two best Roys in baseball.


Replacements for Hisanori Takahashi

Note: this is a post written by MetsToday sabermetric guru Matt Himelfarb

In seven starts, here are Hisanori Takahashi’s numbers to date:

38.1 IP
15.85% K rate
7.32% BB rate
1.31 HR/9
8.62% HR/FB
5.16 FIP

Those numbers are unworthy of a spot in the rotation, even for a fifth starter. The long-ball has been Takahashi’s undoing, but that is what happens when you have a 38% GB rate. At the very least, I would prefer to see a back-end starter with mediocre peripherals eat some innings, but Takahashi is a five-six inning pitcher at this point.

I used to be wholeheartedly against dealing for the Kevin Millwoods and Fausto Carmonas of the world. Given Takahashi’s initial success, I thought it would be a linear move at the best.

It has now become imperative, however, that the Mets replace Takahashi.


Should Mets Clean the Farm for a Pitcher?

As you know, MetsToday welcomes feedback, commentary, questions, and opinions from you, the visitor. Usually the discussion takes place in the comments section, but sometimes a question comes up that doesn’t apply to a specific post. As a result, I do on occasion receive excellent questions via email, and try to answer them here whenever possible — for the benefit of everyone.

So, from the MetsToday mailbag is this question … er, demand … from “Nicky A”:

Joe, I demand you address the trade deadline and whether or not the Mets should go all in for a starting pitcher or pick up another part to the rotation. Shouldn’t it be acceptable to clean out the farm, sans Ike Davis, Mejia, for Danny Haren?

First off, thank you for the demand, Nicky. Lord knows I don’t have enough demands placed on me over the course of a day. Second, consider the trade deadline addressed as well as a letter to Santa — because if a frontline starting pitcher like Danny Haren suits up in the orange and blue in 2010, it will feel like Christmas to Mets fans.

In all seriousness, you pose an intriguing thought that nearly every Mets fan has at least entertained at one point or another this season. If the Mets keep their current hot streak going, and stay near or at the top of the NL East come the All-Star Break, should they mortgage the future for a shot at something special in the present?


Will the Mets Deal for a Starter?

NOTE: This is a guest post by longtime Mets beat writer John Delcos. Please direct your comments to John. Enjoy!

The Mets’ June cruise has not only made them relevant in the National League pennant races, but subsequently also at the July 31 trade deadline.

With management believing this is no fluke and the Mets will continue to play alert, aggressive baseball, there are serious discussions not whether they should trade, but whom to trade for – and just as important, whom they should not trade.

Their interest, despite this remarkable run by the rotation, must remain pitching. First rotation; second bullpen.

There is a sense of calm derived from how well Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey have pitched, and a feeling of optimism with Jon Niese’s run since coming off the disabled list.

Slots four and five are a house of cards.

R.A. Dickey, despite being sterling since coming up from Triple A, is