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Blog Roundup: Post Beltran Era Edition

Carlos Beltran was officially traded to the Giants on Wednesday, and made his San Francisco debut on Thursday in Philadelphia.  Meanwhile, the Mets gutted out a sweep of the Reds in Cincinatti to move to a season-high 3 games over .500.

Enter the bloggers:

  • 7 Train to Shea has a unique perspective on Beltran, Zack Wheeler, Sandy Alderson, and apostrophe usage.
  • The Eddie Kranepool Society remembers how, at times, Beltran was treated unfairly by the fans and ownership.
  • The Mets Police examines the current script Mets logo and finds it’s more than a little off.
  • MetsZilla has some more Wheeler coverage.
  • Metstradamus noticed Beltran wasn’t entirely in a Giants uniform on Thursday.
  • Ted Berg has an embarrasing photoshop of Cole Hamels.

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Blog Roundup: Steve Zabriskie Edition

“The inevitable has finally become a reality.”

Pending player and league approval, Carlos Beltran has been traded to the San Francisco Giants for top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler.  In the deal, the Mets will reportedly pay $4MM of Beltran’s remaining $6MM salary.

As you would imagine, the blogosphere has exploded with reaction:

  • Ted Berg pays tribute to Beltran like only Ted Berg can.
  • Amazin’ Avenue examines the newest member of the Mets’ organization, Zack Wheeler.
  • Hitting Things with Sticks thinks Sandy Alderson is 2 for 2 in the trade department. 
  • Daily Stache says goodbye to Beltran with the help of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.
  • Joe Petruccio uses watercolors to explain the trade.
  • Mets Fever has video of Wheeler.
  • MetsMerized has Beltran’s final statistical rankings as a Met.
  • In other trade deadline news, MetsBlog reports that the Mets turned down a trade offer from the Angels: SS Erick Aybar for Jose Reyes.  Some guy named “One NL Executive” thought it would have been a good deal for the Mets.

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Blog Roundup: Monday Edition

Carlos Beltran is still on Trade Watch, Johan Santana threw a bullpen session, David Wright returned in a clutchy way over the weekend, and the Mets continue their tango with .500.

Here’s the roundup:

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Blog Roundup: Elegy for the Outfielder Edition

On Thursday, Carlos Beltran played his final home game before the trade deadline, prompting many a reaction among the Mets faithful.  For many, it is a foregone conclusion that his days as a Met are winding down. 

Meanwhile, David Wright returns from the disabled list tonight, effectively re-forming the Fab 3 from the “New Mets Era” for one more time.  No word on a rooftop concert, though.

  • Amazin’ Avenue leads off with a headline that, loosely translated, means “Carlos Beltran is Awesome Despite the Mole.”
  • RustyJr at Real Dirty Mets shares his bittersweet experience at Wednesday’s game.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing looks at the roller coaster ride that was Beltran’s Mets tenure.
  • Metsradamus compares Wednesday’s game to a plate of gravy fries.
  • Daily Stache thinks Beltran may be the best outfielder in Mets history.
  • Midwestropolitan is bored with the Mets right now.  Maybe some sort of trade could liven things up…

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Blog Roundup: Wednesday Edition

Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran returned to the Mets’ lineup last night, and Jason Isringhausen turned back the clock to earn a save in the Mets’ 4-2 victory over the Cardinals.  Meanwhile, the trade deadline looms.

Here’s what the bloggers have to say:

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Blog Roundup: Monday Edition

Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays.  The Mets lost 2 of 3 to the Phillies over the weekend, which isn’t bad considering the Mets fielded a AAA lineup plus Jason Bay.  Tonight, the Mets play a makeup game with the Marlins at Citi Field, and Jose Reyes will play a rehab game in Brooklyn.

Time to take a spin around the blogosphere:

  • MetsBlog takes a look at Jason Bay’s struggles, and notes that the fans have been relatively easy on him.
  • Amazin’ Avenue has a Minor League wrapup that includes David Wright’s continuing rehab and Val Pasucci’s Hobbs-esque exploits with the bat.
  • Real Dirty Mets says the Mets are a roller coaster, and there’s nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Mets Lifer is just happy that the injury-devastated “worst lineup in baseball” won a game. 
  • Midwestropolitan invents a new baseball cliche with the help of Jason Bay.
  • Rising Apple is losing patience with the increasingly frustrating Mike Pelfrey.
  • Metstradamus thinks Mets fans should be realistic about the trade deadline.

And for all the latest Mets news, keep checking out Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: Back to Baseball Edition

The All-Star Break is over, K-Rod is a Brewer, and the Mets get back to work tonight against the Phillies.  The next two weeks will be crucial for the Mets as they decide whether to buy, sell, or stand pat before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.

Now let’s take a spin around the blogosphere:

  • ESPN’s Adam Rubin reports that K-Rod’s 10-team no trade list was never filed to the Mets’ front office. 
  • Midwestropolitan took a well-earned day off on Thursday – just like the Mets.
  • Patrick Flood has doubts about Bobby Parnell’s ability to close.  Remember Bobby, coffee is for closers only!
  • Amazin’ Avenue celebrates the one-year anniversary of the “Blame Beltran” movement.
  • Metsmerized tries to temper some bad news about Ike Davis with good news about this weekend’s pitching matchups.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing remembers a classic Subway Series game from 1999.
  • Real Dirty Mets urges Mets fans not to become Phillies fans this weekend. 
  • MLB Trade Rumors has updates on the trade market in the NL East, including Carlos Beltran news.
  • Mets360 gets extra points for comparing the Mets’ second half to a line from the most underrated Billy Joel song of all time.

And for all the latest Mets news,  “stay tuned” to Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: K-Rod Edition

The first domino has fallen, as the Mets traded Francisco Rodriguez and cash to the Milwaukee Brewers for 2 players-to-be-named-later.  Most importantly, as part of the deal, the Brewers now assume K-Rod’s $17.5MM vesting option for next year.

As a result, the Mets blogosphere is abuzz with reaction:

  • The Daily Stache thinks this is great news for Mets fans, no matter who the two players to be named later turn out to be.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing would like to thank Frankie for the memories – if they could think of any.
  • Amazin’ Avenue explains what exactly a player-to-be-named-later is.  Who are these people walking around without names, anyway?
  • Midwestropolitan points out that this trade is not a white flag.
  • TedQuarters thinks Terry Collins usage of K-Rod essentially put the Mets in a bases-loaded situation in the ninth of a tight game.  How appropos.
  • Metstradamus looks into the future to give us a glimpse of K-Rod in a Brewers uniform, and even sneaks in a Laverne and Shirley reference.

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